My favorite motherboard company is working on their new Eee PC product line, the Eee keyboard, there are few computer manufacturer that came out with desktop set that integrated the CPU into a LCD, and Asus is doing something different, they integrate the CPU into the keyboard.

Well, is a nice polished keyboard, backlit, with a dumb power off button somewhere near the backspace key, waiting for sweet accident to happen, but I guess it could be turn off. The nice thing about this is the touch screen, but wouldn’t it tiring if one have things that he/she need to monitor on the mini screen while working on something else on the LCD, he/she will probably get tired looking up and down all the time, but is cool if one can run some cool apps there.

The idea is good, but one have to buy the LCD separately, it has good mobility, but personal opinion, I will rather go for a decent laptop.