The title of this post is BumpTop – Oh yeah, this is because I’m so totally out of my words!!! OMG! This is so totally awesome!!

Well, it does reminded me, long time ago i had installed similar desktop thingy, but it certainly not as good as this one. Well, is basically best use with multi touch machine, but since I don’t have any, I still tested it on my Vista machine, which draining my system resource drastically. *doh*

BumpTop desktop interface
BumpTop desktop interface

With a free edition, of course limited functionality, but works pretty good for basic user. On 3 edge of the screen, is the wall, well, just imagine it as the cube in the office, where we got 3 “wall” thingy for us to stick something on.

Most of the thing, I guess, can be stick on the wall, and for quick access. As shown in pictures, as a programmer, you’ll got piles of paper (source file) works piling on the desk, is freaking cool! Have to install it in my home machine, for sure (if it didn’t suck all my system resources).

This also reminded me of one video I’ve seen long long time ago, is a guy from Microsoft who is in charge of designing the GUI, or explorer, they came up with the idea similar to BumpTop, which brought me to the program that is similar to BumpTop I’ve installed last time. But I’m not a so touch screen user, beside on pocket pc, I guess it still works if we go on with the new Wacom Touch, totally cool combination.