Long waited before it goes public beta, Cairo Shell caught my eye on it’s sleek and simplicity looks over default Windows shell. But the public beta is nothing much. Screenshots here:

Cairo desktop
Cairo desktop

Cario folderstack
Cairo folderstack

The bar on the top is something like the bar in Ubuntu, where we can access to programs, shortcuts, time, and system tray (which crash the program always when I do a lots of right click there). It also use its own desktop icon, which can’t be rearrange, but it do have using custom context menu, which look nice, but didn’t serve much purposes.

Bottom part of the screen is the dock, but not exactly, it doesn’t allow rearrange, it doesn’t blink or jump when get active windows such as receiving new messenger message, it also doesn’t allow much to be done with the item there.

I noticed that in setting page, several items had been disabled, I guess is due to it is still in beta stage. This is pretty much everything of this beta, I love the color, but not the the whole thing at the moment, there are few more shell alternative out there, but I didn’t try those because they not really caught my eye.