LiveBrush, a new product that created based on Adobe Air, is a very nice designing tools, with it, one can create a very nice looking design, and it looks stunning, even people who without designing sense can create nice design with it. Quick look on my design:

LiveBrush design
LiveBrush design

I used few of my favorites brush to create the simple piece of design. One nice thing about LiveBrush is, the the design is came with the brush, just pick up a brush, and start draw, and those nice effect will just simply come out automatically, without needing a good artistic touch on it!

Of course, with free version, the canvas size is limited, and brush set is fewer, the upgrade price is around USD30, which is far more cheaper than other Adobe products, is a nice and worth piece of tools for people who use to do this kind of design, specially those who use Photoshop.

Have tried with my Wacom tablet, unfortunately I didn’t see any setting that let me to set pressure sensitivity, and it also doesn’t work with pressure by default, besides, it also not work really well with the tablet, for some reason, when I draw, it doesn’t come out, and when I change brush or did something else, the stroke suddenly came out of nowhere, duh! But it still a nice nice tools, hope it will come in handy one day on my web design 🙂

Get LiveBrush here. Connection required to install, and Adobe Air will be installed along with LiveBrush.