I had a very good day to start my whole new 2010 year, I received a special gift, a copy of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, oh yeah~~~, I got to thanks a person for giving me this special gift of all time, hell yeah, is me!! Thanks me very much!

I took around 20minutes to install my Windows 7, including reboot time, is a very good experience. Well, this is also my very first time of phone activation, due to my stupid connection is down again. At first I thought I’m going to talk to an operator, but it isn’t, is actually an very smart automated activation process, where I will greet by a recorded girl operator, and the nice thing is, I can speak to make my option, rather than old fashion pressing the number.

I’m required to give the system around 8 or 9 groups of digits, I’m taking the opportunity to try the speech recognition, since I dialed Malaysia’s number, I thought it should be able to recognized the local slang. After 2nd times complained by the operator, said that she can’t understand me, she suggest me to use the keypad instead, I’m LOL at the moment.

Well, there are couple of things that I noticed in Windows 7. We can now link our online ID to our local account, according to the helps, it said that it can make us easily share files over the network and online, just using the ID, rather than creating a user account on the local computer for other user, I’m all alone in the network, and my line is too slow for upload, so I guess I will give it a pass.

There is also a small helpful (some how) check box in IP setting dialog, which it will auto call up network troubleshoot to verify our connection once we save the setting. I’m not quite sure about the tablet handwriting input panel that float on the left/right edge of the screen, it got new features that can let us to split, merge, correct the handwriting more easily, and also, the virtual keyboard came with it, now have large button, I guess they are made for the touch screen.

One thing I noticed, one the safely remove hardware icon, it list all my internal hard drive as well, it is because all my drive enabled the caching by default, it said to be increase performance, so I’m not going to turn it off, hopefully I didn’t click on it.

Beside they remove one game that is newly added in Vista, they also removed the sticky notes gadget, and add in a not so useful Media Center gadget, why?

I still love my Windows 7 after all…

edit: Energy screen saver is missing as well.