I bought Office 2007, and I got Outlook 2007, I used to use it with outlook connector to download my Hotmail and Live Mail’s email, but my Hotmail doesn’t work with it any more, I can’t figure out what is the freaking problem caused, my Live account works very well.

After contacted Microsoft Support several time, they told me that something is wrong with my MSN account on their server, so they assisted me to reset the setting, after that they follow-up with helpful email to teach me clean Outlook Connector and re-add my Hotmail into my cleaned Outlook again. It works very well, for 3 days, after that it keep on showing error on mail like usual. I can’t no longer send, receive email.

After months of frustration, I decided to go Windows Live Mail, although it looks like a child thing compared to Outlook, but it works! But after a while enjoying, it starts to not sync my email properly, but it still working, just not that consistent. And now, Microsoft released Outlook Hotmail Connector beta some time back, it still gave me problem with Outlook, but right after I remove all mail, delete profile, and recreate everything, it now works again! Oh yeah!