Couple of days ago I check my Google Analytic on this blog’s statistic, I just wondering what people using for browsing this day, so I check the browser client, and surprisingly, most of them are IE user, and some of them still using IE6!

Is quite predicted that IE user will be the majority of the user out there, one thing bug me though, this is a technical blog, people who viewing this should be a technical user, why would a technical user use IE6? The pages that those IE6 browser viewed are about technical posts (there were few posts that aren’t technical), weird huh…

Upgrading browser is easy and free, why people that browsing often don’t switch to other better browser than IE, or at least not IE6, this often made our life as web programmer/designer hard, considering we want to use the new HTMl5 and CSS3 goodness, but we kept getting pull back as we need to consider a fallback for IE user, it can cater for all browser, but think of the amount of works and checking to put in.

I’m not sure if this works after I posted, this button is styled using CSS3 border radius and box shadow, 2 new feature I love most, IE9 user, congratulation, other IE user, upgrade you browser to enjoy the goodness, feel the speed, feel the art of web design, and make yourself a happy web user!