Just swiping around the pages of icons and the search screen on my iPhone without any objective, for the sake of enjoying the smoothness of it, and was wondering if the searches in iOS is really as fast as the counterpart Finder in the OS X, which is blazing fast when I’m searching on the OS X. So I decided to randomly search for something in my phone.

And so I search for “lol”

iOS Finder history

And not surprisingly, it shows the result very very fast, showing all my messages with my buddy that contains that word, and then I remembered…

iOS Message empty

I don’t have any message, but wonder how the search will get the result of old messages, but not recent one, which I deleted no longer than half hour, tapping on the search result simply bring me to Messages, without any message to be displayed. Maybe iOS haven’t start some caching and indexing, maybe it’s purely a bug? It’s good that we might be able to recover some message from deleted messages (provided the preview showing the text), but also some minor privacy issue where people might be able to preview some of the contents on our phone.