Being a .NET developer from the beginning made me having headache how to run my application in the Linux environment, without having to learn other language, like C++. Thankfully there is Mono project in Linux, the open source .NET environment in Linux and Mac, can even use on Windows.

Running Ubuntu 9.10, we must first get MySQL server and client installed, and also the MonoDevelop. Using the Ubuntu Software Center, which provide very easy and straight forward installation. To install MySQL, first search for the MySQL Server, Administrator and Query Browser.

Ubuntu Software Center searching for MySQL
Ubuntu Software Center - MySQL

After that is the extension for the CLI to use MySQL connection. We can use the Synaptic Package Manager to install the connector.

Synaptic Package Manager install MySQL CLI
Synaptic Package Manager - CLI

Lastly is the main course, MonoDevelop, can also easily install from Ubuntu Software Center, by searching MonoDevelop.

Ubuntu Software Center searching MonoDevelop
Ubuntu Software Center - MonoDevelop

MySQL is just the same like Windows’ version, the GUI also the same as well. So it didn’t cause much trouble to get the database setup. MonoDevelop can be launch from Programming –> MonoDevelop. It more or less looks like the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, so we pretty much do all the same thing like what we do in Visual Studio, with C# 2.0, exactly the same way (in this testing).

Testing MySQL in MonoDevelop
Testing MySQL in MonoDevelop

Well, without using Wine, I still not able to figure out how to un the exe by double click, but with Mono, we can run the exe using the Terminal.

Running MonoDevelop
Running MonoDevelop

Without having much learning to be learn, I can easily create a simple apps using .NET knowledge and run it in Linux, thanks to the Mono project. Can’t wait to get my hand on the Moonlight project and also looking forward for the LINQ. 😀