Open Source Software Licenses

Had some read up on open source licenses due to work related, and had a realization that free software is not free as in beer, but freedom to change or distribute the software.

But not all of the open source licenses are friendly to a commercial product, the notable one is GPL, which required the project that uses it to be open source, it’s not so cool for commercial product that wanted to use GPL licensed library in small portion of the project, but required to open source all source code. But GPL license give the open source community an competitive edge to the commercial product by requiring project source code to be open. (read more here)

So, MIT license come to save the world, it basically allow linking of MIT licensed library in commercial product without open source the rest of the source code, neat. But I’ve came across another permissive license, but with cooler name, the WTFPL. As name implied, you can do what the fuck you want with it, and the license terms is short and easy to understand.

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January 27, 2013 · Stephen Saw