Mobile Apps Development Experience

I’ve started to look into JavaScript to be use in web project as much as possible ever since I last built a web game with jQuery. During my service in previous company, my team was assigned an assignment to research on mobile apps development, we’ve focusing on technology other than native, as we don’t have the skills for Java and Objective-C.

We’ve came out with few option, Appcelerator, Rhomobile, OpenPlug (Discontinued), and PhoneGap. Rhomobile was out of the picture very quickly, as it uses MVC style to code, and the team is not proficient in the style at that time. I’ve taken the rest to test drive.

OpenPlug then removed from our option, as it uses ActionScript, MXML to build and design the apps, which is then again, the team don’t have the skills on these technology. Even though it claim to compile the code into native code (which is appealing to me) and it has iOS simulator (a plus as well, as the team only have one MacBook).

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April 27, 2012 · Stephen Saw