Recently I need to transfer Azure subscription from one of my account to another one. I was using Developer Program Benefit subscription for my blog for quite some times, until recently, I just realized that I have another subscription from another Microsoft Account, so I decided to transfer that subscription to my current account, having one subscription to maintain is easier.

But my problem is that my Visual Studio Enterprise subscription was with my other Microsoft account, and I don’t want to migrate my blog over to that account, so I decided to just transfer the subscription over.

While I can’t find the link to trigger the transfer, so I log a ticket with the support to ask about how to transfer Azure subscription. The support called me all over the U.S in 2 hours, and help me through the process. It was pretty straight forward, I just need to reply the email sent by the support to both of my email address, to approve the transfer, and it’s done within an hour.

After I got my Visual Studio Enterprise subscription transferred over, it is time for me to switch my resources in Azure to the new subscription, it is quite straight forward.

Since I want to move the whole resource group over, so I created new resource group called Blog.

Existing Azure resource group change Azure subscription
Existing Azure resource group

To move resources to the new resource group, I just need to go to the existing resource group, and click the change under the Subscription name section.

Moving resources in Azure
Moving resources

From the drop down options, we can then select from the subscription we have, and the resource group we have. Under the resources to move section (the highlighted section in the picture), there might be resources that cannot be move being listed. Because I was using macOS, and the scroll bar wasn’t showing and it’s not clear to me, and I tried to move and hit the error

The subscription '11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111' is not registered for resource types 'microsoft.insights/components (centralus)'. (Code: MissingRegistrationsForTypes)

I get that error so many times and finally figured out that there were resources that can’t be move listed under the list. Once I unchecked the Application Insights and it moved without problem. Worth to take note for UX for this obscured information.