Over the years, since Vista launched, heard about many people complaining the compatibility issue, driver not workings, slow, can’t play most of the game. Personally I have using Vista since RTM release, frankly, I switched back to XP after a week using Vista, yes, the reason is slow, but is slow in term of, I’m a developer, I always running virtual machine, development tools that resource hunger, database server, email, which most of them will drained my memory very fast.

With only 1GB of RAM, I switched back to XP after frustrated of the speed, but, how many of people out there still running their XP with 1GB or less of RAM? Still have, but getting lesser. Vista too much eye candy? Well, stop complaining and switch to Vista basic. In some people’s mind is like Vista’s major and only changes is the Aero, this is not true, the kernel itself is being 6.0, which XP is built on 5.x, major version increase means there are quite a number of changes on the system. Changes on new release not necessary only those that is visible, most new update/release tends to patch/update the backend codes, so that it works better.

Compatibility issue quite often used as excuse to not upgrade, put aside serious and businesses that established long time ago, which mostly is using legacy software, home user, and even developer that not building legacy apps, IMO, I don’t quite understand why this issue affect this group of user, even if some software doesn’t works anymore, the vendor will release update very soon.

Which then compatibility issue also brought up in x64 migration, personally running Vista x64, switched over from x86, well, switching over itself didn’t cost me extra, since Vista (I believe home edition doesn’t have) shipped with both x86 and x64 DVD.

After switched over to x64, my Unlocker isn’t working any more, which I replaced with LockHunter, and….that’s all for software, while some working software available in x64 flavor. Driver wise, my hardware vendor supplying compatible driver for me, so without any sweat I migrated to x64 environment.

Well, heard that some game do not work in Vista, so far every game works pretty well for me, except Red Alert 2, which the IPX protocol required for LAN game is not available in Vista, to skip all the trouble and risk setting IPX on Vista, I got it run inside my virtual machine with excellent performance! Well, PC is not suppose to be a gaming device for hardcore gamer, get a console and save the game compatible issue.

Isn’t that bad to switch to x64 environment and Vista, is 1st October, Windows 7 should shipping anytime in this month(hopefully), looking forward to see more adaption of Windows 7, nothing is not working, find an alternative and things will working again.