Recently Sony is working on their new technology, wireless power, yes, powering up TV set and other electronic devices without having cable strangling around, for cleaner environment.

According to news, Sony is only able achieved 80% of power efficiency, and will eventually dropped to 60% if frequency is misaligned, sounds like more power lost over the air, well, at least it is still in development stage. There are some simple and common concern regarding wireless power, will it do any harm on human who is sit in between where the power is transmitted? Will the power out of frequency or loss will transmitting?

Trade off, there is always trade off, to use this wireless power technology, is to have bulky power transmitter sitting on your desk, well, at least it look more neat than having cables clustering all over the desk, but is good only if the wireless power can power multiple devices. This is the technology that I wanted to see, go Sony!

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